Bike Recycling Centres

Did you realise that there are hundreds of fantastic Cycling UK-affiliated bike recycling centres all over the country? These are all listed on the Cycling UK website. Many are taking part in the Big Bike Revival and there are plenty of others on hand throughout the year, too.

Our friendly centres offer things like discounted bikes, repairs and equipment, as well as a team of experts who know bikes inside and out and are happy to share their knowhow with you.


Bring a bike back to life

Many bike recycling centres run workshop sessions and activities to help people enjoy cycling and share their knowledge with local communities.

And if you’re feeling generous, they can give your donated old bike a new lease of life for someone else to enjoy.

As the national cycling charity, Cycling UK wants to see more bicycles available to the public, more individuals skilled in maintenance and repair, and otherwise unwanted materials put to good use.